Friday, June 8, 2007

Before the Onslaught

Every now and then there comes a time to diverge from my central theme of investment information and divulge facets from other aspects of my life, as well as other interests and passions. With the first full week of June nearly complete and temperatures soaring into the 90's here in sunny Cape May County, I am looking forward to one of the perks of living in a tourist area before the tourists show up inforce.

Most schools still have at least one more week, and so our beaches don't really get crowded until after the 15th of June. Therefore, it is the perfect time for me to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the water's edge today, perhaps in Stone Harbor, and a few hours of reading on the beach tomorrow in Ocean City. It is rather nice to be able to choose a different town and beach on any given day, because they are all so unique and variety is the spice of life. If I have the urge for a great meal and drink, the Washington Inn or Virginia Hotel provide the perfect locale for a romantic dinner in Victorian Cape May. The porch at the Virginia Hotel is a superb spot for sipping mojitos while absorbing the ambiance of the Victorian bed and breakfast hotels which line the festive streets.

It is the little pleasures that keep me plodding along through this adventure we call life, replete with its successes, failures, joys, tradegies and fun. My daily schedule, as intense as it sometimes can be, is punctuated by these delights which I relish ocassionally. The best part of my routine is that it is really not a routine at all, but rather a series interconnected events which ebb and flow with the seasons. The summer season is about to come into full bloom and my schedule will be changing along with the floral landscape.

In life I wear several hats which have a bit of a convergence. My role as guidance counselor is about to end for the current school year, which provides more time for me to spend visiting, calling and satisfying my investment advisory clients as well as the opportunity to enhance my online businesses. It's all about providing insights, information and guidance, so my routine just changes. Luckily this occurs at the right time, because the gardens at my home require my constant attention and care. I've been particularly delighted this spring by the array of color provided by the azaleas, rhododendrons and now mountain laurel which populate my property. As my dogs and I traverse the trails which wind through my yard and the National Wildlife Preserve on the eastern border of my property the fragrance of the mountain laurel is truly intoxicating.

So as the markets gyrate a bit this week, the only numbers which have any real meaning, in my opinion at this juncture, would be a DJIA close of 12,308 and a S&P 500 close of 1,385 because these closing levels would represent a 10% correction from the highs set this spring. Even a drop to these levels would not be an indication of trouble in the markets, but merely a healthy retraction, a little ebb and flow, so to speak.

Thank God it is Friday and the weekend is finally upon us, especially as many of us swelter today in the oppressive heat and humidity descending on the eastern seaboard. To anyone who reads this, get out and smell the roses, soak up the sunshine, don't overreact to the market news you'll hear this week and come visit South Jersey when the schools close. To the locals, we better get out there and enjoy today and early tomorrow, because the onslaught is about to begin! Did I hear rum runner, marguerita, mojito or a nice cabernet sauvignon?

John Kaighn

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