Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking For a New Banking Relationship? Try EverBank!

Online Banking Through Everbank

FDIC Insurance. High yields. Stability. Isn’t this what you’re looking for in a bank these days?

EverBank offers all of this and more. With EverBank’s Yield
Pledge® promise, your money earns a yield in the top 5%
of competitive accounts(1). Even better, this pledge applies to
EverBank’s Yield Pledge Money Market, Yield Pledge Checking
and Yield Pledge Savings accounts, as well as their Yield Pledge

EverBank isn’t like any ordinary bank. They do things differently,
in a way to benefit you. With EverBank, you’ll earn a high-yield
on all Yield Pledge accounts, including your checking. EverBank
also keeps fees low, and provides all types of convenient features
including Online and Mobile Banking. You can access Mobile Banking at
mobile.everbank.com on your wireless device.

Opening an account with EverBank could be the right move for
you. Give me a call and I’ll show you how, or you can complete an application online. Be sure to include the Advisor ID: jokai490 on the application. Online Banking Through Everbank.

Best regards,

John H. Kaighn

(609) 827-0194

Jersey Benefits Advisors

1. EverBank promises to keep the yield on your account in the top 5% of competitive accounts as measured the last Wednesday of each month in Bankrate Monitor, a weekly national survey of large banks and thrifts, surveyed by Bankrate.com. For the Yield Pledge CD, EverBank promises to keep the yield on your account in the top 5% of competitive accounts
as measured each week in Bankrate Monitor. This promise applies at the time of purchase, or when rolling your expiring CD into a new CD with EverBank.
EverBank’s relationship with the Financial Institution employing your Investment Professional is through a joint marketing agreement for the sale of banking products only. Otherwise, there is no affiliation.
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EverBank is an Equal Housing Lender, Member FDIC.