Friday, November 9, 2012

Taking Stock

The election is over and many people are talking about the roughly $6 billion dollars that was spent only to wind up with the exact same result.  Well, I will take the money being spent over the way some countries solve their change of power during cantankerous times, which could range from resorting to revolution and civil war to arresting and jailing opponents.  Yes, it certainly would be nice if we could have a campaign of a month or three months with no mudslinging, but the election is about being the president of the largest, most prosperous economy on the planet, so there should be a spirited debate about the various options for leadership.  In the end, one side won, one side lost, each made a speech and now its time to solve the issue of the fiscal cliff, which I discussed in the recent newsletter and follows this post.

Meanwhile, I am posting a video for anyone who would like to view it from Franklin Templeton Investments which talks about the case for investing in stocks now. It highlights the current disconnect between investors' perception of the stock market and reality.   View the video here and contact me if you have any questions or would like a recommendation for your investments.  View the brochure here if you would like to read more information about Franklin Templeton's research and the reasons they feel now is the time to be Taking Stock.

John H. Kaighn

Jersey Benefits Advisors